Adrian Hacker

Adrian Hacker is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and MakerDAO governance member from Portland, Oregon. With a passion for all things technology and learning, this site is constructed in the hopes that it will teach, inspire curiosity, and show others the innovations and social impacts that decentralized cryptocurrency can bring.

Cryptocurrency is not an intuitive thing to learn. Many people have barriers to learning and accessing technology. Additionally, there are many misconceptions about cryptocurrency and how it can be used. Adrian is exploring ways that these barriers and attitudes can be overcome.

Bringing a face to face aspect of cryptocurrency is important to be able to reach as many people as possible. Adrian is currently exploring in-person methods such as meetups and hackerspace cryptocurrency clinics to achieve this.

In addition to advocating the MakerDAO DeFi platform, Adrian is an experienced technical writer, realtechwriter.com.

If you have questions, comments, feedback, or cute cat pictures, do not hesitate to reach out.

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Two Cats, Wanda and Kitten
Wanda and Kitten